• Hinduism has made countless positive contributions to society. Hinduism gave Meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda to the planet. So much has been forgotten over human history. It’s time to bring Hinduism onto the world stage for all the inclusivity, peace, and upliftment that it brings to Society.
  • Over time, Hindus have been inaccurately and inadequately represented around the globe. The Hindu community at large has not done a stellar job of making the world aware of all the contributions that the religion has made.
  • Hinduism is the oldest religion on the planet and has survived countless centuries. The core of Hinduism is about peace, love, and oneness with every being … a giant ONE-WORLD FAMILY (VasubhaivaKutumbakam). Therefore, inherently, it is a non-violent and inclusive philosophy.
  • Our goal is to promote the beautiful core values of Hinduism in our community. Through our partnerships, we have been bringing multiculturalism and diversity to London very successfully through our Diwali and Holi celebrations!

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